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  • Can A1Chippy do Standard Carpentry & Joinery Work?
    Of course! With over 30 years industry experience, A1 Chippy can do improve your home from the ground up!
  • Do A1 Chippy's Grab Rails comply with Australian Standards
    Yes, our suppliers have tested them beyond the standard.
  • Is A1 Chippy Licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed trade professional. DAVID MIANTE No. 114349C, approved to as a Carpenter, Joiner and Kitchen & Bathroom Renovator. David is holds a qualified supervisor certificate which allows him to supervise and do the work described on your certificate.
  • What happens if my Home Modification work is approved under my NDIS Plan?
    You contact A1 Chippy for a consultation & quote! Participants are generally required to provide the NDIA with a quote from a qualified licensed trade professional like A1 Chippy. We understand that all NDIS-funded building works must comply with relevant laws and regulatory frameworks. This includes building codes and Australian Standards, which regulate home modifications. Participants may be required to provide quotes from two different trade professionals for modifications exceeding $15,000. You can book a consultation with A1 Chippy to provide you with a quotation for home modification work not exceeding $30000.
  • How do I pay A1 Chippy if I am an NDIS participant?
    Self-managed participants Participants who are self-managing their plan are invoiced by, and pay, A1Chippy directly. A1Chippy will issue you a tax invoice/receipt to acquit the expenditure against your plan using the myplace participant portal. Plan-managed participants Where a participant has a plan manager assisting them, A1Chippy will need to send invoices directly to the participant's plan manager. The plan manager will process our payment through the myplace provider portal and pay A1Chippy. NDIA-managed participants - WE ARE AN APPROVED NDIS PROVIDER As a registered provider, A1Chippy will submit a payment request within 90 days from the end of service, via the the myplace provider portal to receive payment for services or supports for participants who are NDIA-managed. What we need from the participant to claim: Partipants name Participants reference number or NDIS number The dates of service The support item reference number The support item price. Our Provider Number is: 4-FPQTO2Z
  • Does A1Chippy do Home Extentions?
    Whilst wer can do pergolas, decks and verandah extensions on your home we can not currently do additional rooms/add ons that extend your residential living. We will be able to in the near future so please check back soon.
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